Motorbike safari in Kerala is a different exhilarating venture to experience.

Rentabike is a motorcycle provider for tourists, who invites vacationers from all over the world to tour on bikes and enjoys the Best of Kerala. We are motorcycle admirers showing other motorcycle admirers our ecstasy. We all dream of an "ideal" holiday and, for biking enthusiasts, accomplishment lies in biking around foreign places with only a map and a sense of adventure to direct them.

At Rentabike you can hire all kinds of Indian bikes ranging from the Royal Enfield, Kinetic to the fully automatic Honda Activa (gearless) and explore the diverse features of Kerala. For renting bikes from us, you will need to produce and submit the original or photocopy of your ‘Passport’ along either your ‘International Driving License’ or ‘Air Ticket”. This facility is available only for the tourists and not for the locals. We provide bikes for short or long durations at reasonable costs – as the number of renting days increase there is a proportionate decrease in the charges.

So the next time you’re in Kerala get on our bike, and you'll be well on your way with this great range of biking holidays from ‘Rentabike – Adventure Holidays of a Lifetime’.

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